Round Two

This round is for adding new modules only. You will see the approved modules from Round One and add new modules where necessary. Should you wish to drop an approved module, you may only do so during Round Three.

In this round, you can:

  1. Select additional Yale-NUS modules via OurCORS.
  2. Select additional NUS elective modules/NUS CLS language modules. To register for NUS elective/NUS CLS modules in Round Two, please login to Canvas at this link.
NUS Elective Modules NUS CLS Modules
Module Registration Rounds 1, 2 and 3 1, 2
Round 2 Deadline for Registration By 5.00pm on Friday, 17 November 2017 By 5.00pm on Friday, 17 November 2017

The outcome of your application of the NUS elective modules/NUS CLS language modules from Round One and Two will only be known near to, or at the start of AY2017/18, Semester 2.

Please also note the following:

  1. Common Curriculum Modules – Historical Immersion modules (applicable to students from Class of 2018 & Class of 2019): Modules designated as fulfilling the Historical Immersion (HI) requirement will be opened to Juniors and Seniors only during Round Two module registration so as to award priority to Junior and Seniors students who need to fulfill the HI requirement.
  2. Directed Language Study Modules (via Yale): If you are interested in taking a directed language module via Yale (e.g. Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Sanskrit), please email our Language Coordinator, Dr Eduardo Lage-Otero <> so that he may look into this possibility and advise you. At this point, such Directed Language Study modules are not available for selection within OurCORS.
  3. Independent Reading and Research (IRR) Module/Special Project in Science (SPS)/Independent Language Study & Research (ILSR) modules :If you are interested to read an independent study module, please refer to the registration forms. The deadline to submit your registration for an IRR,  SPS or ILSR module is 5pm on Friday, 19 January 2018.
  4. Module Pre-requisite: The same pre-requisite rules as mentioned above in point 9 under Round One will apply.
  5. Special Pre-requisites for Writing Modules: The same pre-requisites as mentioned above in point 10 under Round One will apply.
  • Please submit your portfolio no later than 5.00pm of Friday, 17 November 2017 to Admission will be on a rolling basis and the class will be closed  to further enrolment once the cap has been reached.
  1. Change of Major/Minor:If you plan to change your declared Major/Minor, please submit your request via myYaleNUS. The outcome of the change will be updated in the system once the appropriate approvals are received.
  2. Round Two Results: Registry will send an email to notify students when the results are available for viewing. NUS elective modules and NUS CLS language modules will not be visible yet.
  3. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the following modules are no longer offered in Semester 2, AY2017/2018. Affected students are to proceed to select another module in this Round:
    YHU2284 Programming for Time-based Art Forms
    YSC3216 Stochastic Processes and Models (SPaM)
    YSS3208 Advanced Microeconomics
    YSS3205 International Trade
    YSS4227 Topics in Applied Econometrics
  4. The following modules are oversubscribed and are not available for registration in Round 2:
    YCC1112 Literature and Humanities 2 (Group A)
    YCC1114 Philosophy and Political Thought 2 (Group A)
    YCC1131 Scientific Inquiry 1 (Group A)
    YHU1209 Introduction to the Arts
    YHU2203 Masterpieces of Western Art: Renaissance to the Present
    YHU2248 Introduction to 2D Animation
    YHU2280 Oppression and Injustice
    YHU2281 Art and Ethnography
    YHU2282 Can Consciousness be Explained?
    YHU3201 Drawing Process
    YHU3205 Ming Imperial Voyages
    YHU3225 Pompeii: Art, Urban Life, and Culture in the Roman Empire
    YID1201 Introduction to Environmental Studies
    YID3202D Special Topics: Climate Change and the Future of Energy
    YSC1212 Introduction to Computer Science
    YSC2221 Introduction to Python
    YSC2229 Introductory Data Structures and Algorithms
    YSC3239 Geometry and the Emergence of Perspective
    YSS1206 Introduction to Comparative Politics
    YSS2201 Understanding Behavior and Cognition (Group 2)
    YSS2202 International Relations
    YSS2207 Introduction to Social Psychology
    YSS2210 Contemporary Social Theory
    YSS3214 Abnormal Psychology
    YSS3237 Gender Perspectives in Anthropology
    YSS3254 Globalization on the Ground
    YSS3263 Emotions and Politics
    YSS3264 Bubbles, Crashes, Panics and Crisis
    YSS3268 Anthropology of China
    YSS3271 Contemporary Political Comedy