Round Three

In this round, you will be able to make changes (add/drop) to your approved modules:

  1. Drop and select Yale-NUS modules via OurCORS.
  2. Select NUS modules.
  • To register for NUS elective modules in Round Three, you must complete and submit the Module Add/Drop Form to your respective Vice Rector by 5.00pm on Friday, 19 January 2018. Late submissions will not be considered.  Applications for NUS CLS Language modules is closed for this round. The outcome of your application will only be known near to, or at the start of AY2017/18 Semester 2.
  • Students who may be interested in graduate modules offered by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy may refer to this link for their timetable.
  1. Drop your approved NUS elective module/NUS CLS language module by submitting the Module Add/Drop Form to your Vice Rector. Given the extensive negotiations between the host Faculty/School and Yale-NUS to place you into NUS electives, you should think carefully before dropping these modules. Contact your Vice Rector to discuss your reasons for wanting to do so.

Please also note the following:

  1. Overload: Unless an ‘overload’ was already approved in previous rounds, you can appeal to your Vice Rector by email to overload in this Round. You will be able to add the module(s) during this Round once your Vice Rector has approved your appeal.
  2. Common Curriculum section allocations: You may check your allocated section group in this round.
  3. Language modules: Students who are interested in intermediate or advanced language modules but did not meet the pre-requisite, please contact the language coordinator to take the placement test before selecting the module on ourCORS.
  4. Independent Reading and Research (IRR) Module/Special Project in Science (SPS)/Independent Language Study & Research (ILSR) modules: If you are interested to read an independent study module, please refer to the registration forms. The deadline to submit your registration for an IRR,  SPS and ILSR module is 5pm on Friday, 19 January 2018.
  5. New Modules/Sections available for registration from Round 3 onwards : 
    • YSC4211 Adv Topics in Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology (New)
    • YCT1202 Dialogue: Social Issues in Intergroup Relations (New)
    • YSC4205 Organometallic Chemistry (New)
    • YHU2278 Music Performance Elective: Introduction to Voice (New)
    • YSC2210 Data Analysis and Visualization (DAVis) with R (New section)
    • YSS2207 Introduction to Social Psychology (New section)
    • YSC2221 Introduction to Python (New sections)
    • YSC3240 Foundations of Applied Mathematics (replaced YSC2205 Mathematical Methods for Physical Scientists)
    • YSS2203 Intermediate Microeconomics (New section)
    • YSS2214 Intermediate Macroeconomics (New section)
    • YSS2211 Econometrics (New section)
    • YLC1201 Beginning Chinese 1 (New section)
  6. Special Seminars (applicable to students from Class of 2020): Sophomores are invited to read a Special Seminar which is conducted between instructional week 8 and week 9. Please select only one title and also refer to the Add/Drop timelines for Special Seminars. If you have selected more than one title and in the event of over subscription, we will randomly allocate you to one of your selected titles. As there are limited seats available for each seminar, registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. Any balance spaces will be made available to the students from other cohorts in the 2nd instructional week.
  7. Please note the change in the title and level (module code) of the following module :
    -Original: YSC2205 Mathematical Methods for Physical Scientists
    -Updated: YSC3240 Foundations of Applied Mathematics
    Students who were successfully registered in YSC2205 Mathematical Methods for Physical Scientists previously will now be registered in YSC3240 Foundations of Applied Mathematics.
  8. Fully Subscribed Groups/Modules: These Common Curriculum module groups and modules are fully subscribed and not available for selection from Round 3 onwards (updated 18 January 2018):
    • YCC1112 Literature and Humanities 2 (Groups 1 to 14)
    • YCC1114 Philosophy and Political Thought 2 (Groups 1 to 14)
    • YCC1131 Scientific Inquiry 1 (Groups 1 to 14)
    • YHU2223 Documentary Photography
    • YHU2248 Introduction to 2D Animation
    • YHU2278 Music Performance Elective: Introduction to Voice (Groups 1 & 2)
    • YHU2281 Art and Ethnography
    • YHU2282 Can Consciousness Be Explained?
    • YHU2286 Daily Themes
    • YHU2287 Neo-Confucianism and Chinese Buddhism
    • YHU3202 Permeable Boundaries: Music and Cultural Encounter
    • YHU3205 Ming Imperial Voyages
    • YHU3210C Proseminar in Literary Studies
    • YHU3225 Pompeii: Art, Urban Life & Culture in the Roman Empire
    • YHU3283 Fundamental Reality
    • YHU4215 Advanced Fiction Writing
    • YID1201 Introduction to Environmental Studies
    • YID3202D Special Topics: Climate Change and the Future of Energy
    • YLC1201 Beginning Chinese 1 (Group 1)
    • YLC3203 Advanced Chinese 1
    • YLS1201 Beginning Spanish 1
    • YLS1202 Beginning Spanish 2
    • YSC1212 Introduction to Computer Science
    • YSC2210 Data Analysis and Visualization (DAVis) with R (Group 1)
    • YSC2213 Discrete Mathematics
    • YSC2218 Survey of High Energy Physics Experiments
    • YSC2221 Introduction to Python (Groups 1 & 2 & 3)
    • YSC2229 Introductory Data Structures and Algorithms
    • YSC2230 Probability and Statistics
    • YSC3226 Designing Interactive Systems
    • YSC3239 Geometry and the Emergence of Perspective
    • YSS1203 Principles of Economics
    • YSS2203 Intermediate Microeconomics (Group 1)
    • YSS2211 Econometrics (Group 1)
    • YSS3214 Abnormal Psychology
    • YSS3263 Emotions and Politics
  9. Due to low enrolment and other unforeseen circumstances, the following modules are no longer offered in Semester 2, AY2017/2018. Affected students are to proceed to select another module in this Round: 
    • YSC3216 Stochastic Processes and Models (SPaM)
    • YSC3228 Inorganic Chemistry with Laboratory
    • YSS4202 Goals and Motivation
    • YSS4223 Politics of Identity in Developing Countries
    • YSS3235 Urban Spatial Reasoning and Representation
    • YSS3208 Advanced Microeconomics
    • YSS4227 Topics in Applied Econometrics
    • YHU2284 Programming for Time-based Art Forms
    • YSS3205 International Trade
    • YIL1201I Directed Language Study: Beginning Italian 1
    • YIL1201P Directed Language Study: Beginning Portuguese 1
    • YIL2201I Directed Language Study: Intermediate Italian 1
    • YIL3201S Directed Language Study: Advanced Sanskrit: The Mahabharata
  10. Module Pre-requisite: The same pre-requisite rules as mentioned above in point 9 under Round One will apply.
  11. Reminder: If you have not passed a module in Semester 1 that is a pre-requisite to the module that you have been allocated for Semester 2 AY2017/18, you are not eligible to read the module and should proceed to drop the module during Round Three, unless otherwise approved by the instructor.
  12. Change of Major/Minor: If you plan to change your declared Major/Minor, please submit your request via myYaleNUS. The outcome of the change will be updated in the system once the appropriate approvals are received.
  13. Round Three Results:  As Round Three spans from Friday, 29 December 2017 to Friday, 26 January 2018, after you have selected a Yale-NUS module, you can check for the result via OurCORS the following week, on these dates after 6.00 pm: Friday, 5 January 2018 Friday, 12 January 2018 / Friday, 19 January 2018 / Friday, 26 January 2018 (these dates may be subject to changes).
  14. Drop module beyond Round Three: OurCORS will close after 9.00 am, Friday, 26 January 2018. If you would like to drop a module, please download and complete the hard copy of the Yale-NUS Module Add/Drop Form.